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Monday, October 31, 2005

Crosman's new Nightstalker is here!

by Tex Force

There aren't very many true semiautomatic air rifles in the world, which makes Crosman's brand-new Nightstalker all the more interesting. A true semiautomatic gun is one that fires and reloads with one pull of the trigger. The reloading is performed by the gun, not by anything the shooter does. A real semiauto is much faster than any other kind of airgun.

True semiautomatic airguns are very special, because lead pellets don't like being fed through mechanisms. Even the manual bolt-action repeaters get jammed sometimes, so imagine what can happen when gas does the feeding in milliseconds!

Crosman's brand-new Nightstalker is a true semiauto pellet rifle. It holds 12 shots and uses a huge 88-gram AirSource cartridge to power both the shot and the realistic blowback action that loads the pellet.

Isn't the Crosman 1077 a semiauto?
The venerable Crosman 1077 (second gun down on page) looks like a semiauto and shoots 12 shots, each with just the pull of the trigger, but it's really run by a clever revolver mechanism hidden inside the gun. Each trigger-pull also has to advance the cylinder, and that makes the trigger-pull longer than it would be if all it was doing was releasing the hammer. That's what makes the new Nightstalker so exciting.

The Nightstalker features real blowback action with every shot
Until now, real blowback action was something you could get only from an airsoft gun. The blowback imparts a realistic feel every time the trigger is pulled. It feels like a firearm with so much going on inside the gun.

Crosman had a semiauto pistol back in the 1950s and '60s. The model 600 was a 10-shot .22 pellet pistol that shot as fast as the trigger was pulled. Today, a 600 sells for $200 or more because shooters love the way it handles. The new Nightstalker is just about half that, and it's a rifle, so there will be even more velocity.

Handles many pellets!
The model 600 pistol, has a problem feeding pellets that aren't wadcutters. The Nightstalker has a 12-shot rotary clip, so it won't have that problem. Two clips come with the gun, and you'll be able to order extras - which is highly recommended. You can load pointed pellets, domes and hollowpoints in the Nightstalker clips because the nose shape makes no difference.

How significant is the semiautomatic action?
Until now, if you wanted this kind of rapid firing capability at an affordable price, you had to get the IZH Drozd from Baikal. It's also a CO2 gun, plus it has an electric motor to allow semi- and full-auto fire in short bursts. The Drozd is limited to shooting only round lead balls through its rifled barrel, plus it's more expensive than the Nightstalker. It's a great gun in its own right, but the new Nightstalker offers more ammunition flexibility.

Truly a tactical airgun!
As you can see from the photo, the Nightstalker can hold a host of accessories that will soon be available in the deluxe model. So it's more than just another pellet rifle; it's a new tactical platform! And, with the huge Crosman AirSource cartridge as its power source, you'll get hundreds of shots before it's time for a new one. If you buy extra clips, you can reload quickly and get back in the fun!

If you like fast action and responding to targets of opportunity with speed and precision, the Nightstalker is for you. The Christmas season is now upon us, so supplies may be limited, because every airgunner in America has been patiently waiting for this new gun. If you don't want to be disappointed, the time to order is NOW!


  • I recently purchased a Nightsatlker and I love it. I use it mostly for back yard shooting. It's quieter than my Benjamin pump and my Chinese made, side-cocking .22 so it doesn't disturb the neighbors. I attached a pistol scope to it.

    The triger pull is much better than I expected.

    All in all, a great gun

    By Blogger ROBOT, at 1:19 PM, January 04, 2006  

  • ROBOT,

    Thanks for the feedback! I like the Nightstalker, too. It's more accurate than I expected, which is always a nice thing. I use Crosman's red dot sight on mine.


    By Anonymous Tex Force, at 2:06 PM, January 04, 2006  

  • Awesaome gun! Super Quiet! Not so great for long distance but still worth putting a scope on.Bipod is cool but flashlight is awesome!

    Awesome Gun,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:41 PM, October 10, 2006  

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