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Monday, October 24, 2005

Tech Force 79 - a bargain 10-meter target rifle

by Tex Force

If you like to shoot at targets, Compasseco has a rifle you should check out. The Tech Force 79 is a family of CO2 target rifles that offers features usually costing three times as much. If you also like to hunt with an airgun, you're in double luck because the TF 79 is also very powerful - AND it's available in.22 caliber!

Based on the TF 78
The TF 79 is based on the TF 78 that we learned about last week. That rifle is, in turn, based on the famous Crosman 160, a classic CO2 target rifle from the 1950s and 60s. The TF 79 has everything the 78 has, plus many more target features. The trigger is the same finely adjustable trigger Crosman perfected in the final version of the 160. It's based on a crossbow trigger and is extremely adjustable for pull weight, sear engagement and overtravel. It also has a positive manual safety - a rare feature on a target air rifle.

Competition sights
If you shoot at targets, a peep or diopter sight is something you need to have. The TF 79 comes with a finely adjustable rear aperture sight that helps you place your shots right where you want them. At 10 meters, this sight will be as accurate as using a scope! The front globe has replaceable inserts, that allow you to find the right sight for a given situation. You can even install aftermarket inserts.

Competition stock
Notice the deep stock on all the 79s. It naturally raises your eye to the line of sight so you won't have any parallax error. The deeply scalloped pistol grip positions your trigger finger perfectly to squeeze straight back without any sideway influence. Couple this with the crisp trigger, and it will be difficult to miss what you aim at.

Superior barrel
Don't think that because the TF 79 is affordable it isn't accurate. The barrel on this rifle is a legend, as far as accuracy is concerned. Of course, you will get back what you put into the rifle, so we recommend using Tech Force match pellets in either the heavy (8.9-grain) or light (7.6-grain) weights. Try both to discover which works best you and your rifle.

A thumbhole stock - what's THAT about?
So many shooters were buying the TF 79 for sporting use that Compasseco decided to do something about it. They created a special thumbhole stock that really moves the rifle over to the advanced sporter class. Even though they show the rifle with a peep sight, it's really made to mount a scope. Allow me to recommend the Tech Force 8-32 target/hunting scope (second scope down on the page) as the perfect companion to this rifle. Though any scope will work, this one has all the power you need for those really precise shots the rifle is capable of making. And, remember, you need to buy scope rings separately.

I saved the best for last!
The TF 79 is on sale as of the publication of this blog posting. Instead of the normal good price of $179.00, the standard Tech Force 79 (second rifle down on the page) is reduced to just $143.20. Just in time for Christmas, if you can wait that long, this classic target rifle is now more affordable than ever!


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