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Monday, November 21, 2005

Daisy's 22 SG: a hunter's delight!

by Tex Force

We all talk about a gun that we leave in the corner, ready to dispatch a varmint at a moment's notice. Truthfully, most of our airguns are so expensive and beautiful that nobody really does that. Even a Sheridan pump costs the better part of $150, and no one in their right mind is going to leave a gun like that lying around. But, have you ever considered the Daisy 22SG?

The what?
For under $90, Daisy makes a fine .22 caliber multi-pump with enough power to drop squirrels and rabbits - and the accuracy to make it happen. It's easy to pump, compared to most guns, yet it has all the power you need if the shots are at a reasonable distance.

Yeah - but what do you get for less than $90?
For starters, you get a hardwood stock and forearm! That's right, both the buttstock and forearm are made of the same solid hardwood that comes on air rifle costing hundreds of dollars more. Then there's the metal receiver and steel barrel! Yes, Daisy listened to all the complaints about too much plastic on airguns, and they did something about it.

There is some plastic on this rifle. The bolt handle, triggerguard and pump lever are plastic, but don't worry about breaking them. I doubt you ever will. The way the gun is made, the parts are much stronger than they need to be. And, they help make the gun the rugged, stand-in-the-corner gun that it is. The only thing you have to remember is to occasionally oil the pump head with some good silicone oil such as Crosman Pellgunoil - but you have to do that with any multi-pump!

Best of all - it's a .22!
Yes, this is a real .22 pellet rifle, so hunting is its primary purpose. Muzzle velocity is in the 550 f.p.s. region, which is plenty of steam for cottontail-sized game at 25 yards or less, assuming a good hit.

AND - there's a scope!
Yes, for less than $90, they throw in a 4x scope. It's a fixed 4x with a 32mm objective, which means a very bright image of your target. The duplex reticle is the most favored for hunting and general target practice. The click adjustments are 1/4 minute, which means each click of the adjustment knob moves the strike of the pellet by 1/4" at 100 yards. At 10 yards, the movement would be 1/10 as far, so 10 clicks move the pellet 1/4". The scope rings are also included in the package, so there is nothing more to buy but pellets!

The rifle also has fine open sights. The front sight has a red TruGlo fiber optic dot, while the rear sight is a standard notch. The rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation.

What about pellets?
For hunting, use RWS Super-H-Points (3rd from bottom). A recent article in Shotgun News showed this to be one of the best hollowpoint pellets available - and the test was done with a 22SG! For general shooting or hunting, try Gamo Hunter pellets. They're budget-priced and very high quality. Remember to buy .22 caliber pellets!

I know there are fancier pellet rifles than the Daisy 22SG, but I doubt there's a better buy on the market. Whether you just want to get into airgunning on a budget or you want a rifle you really can leave behind the door for shooting opportunities, this one is a real solid shooting value!


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