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Monday, December 12, 2005

Looking for a BB machinegun? Try a Drozd!

by Tex Force

If you're into fast action shooting and rapid fire, the Russian Drozd submachinegun is for you! This novel gun has an electrically powered firing mechanism, but uses CO2 gas to launch the projectile.

This BB submachinegun packs a lot of fun into a small package!

Here's how it works
The Drozd works like an electric airsoft gun, in that a motor controls the firing rate and the number of shots fired with every pull of the trigger. Although it shoots full-auto, it only does so for bursts of three or six shots - you pick the number. A switch controls how many shots you'll get with each pull of the trigger. In the single-shot mode, the gun works as a semi-automatic; in the burst mode, as a controlled-rate full-auto gun.

Shoot one, three or six shots with each pull of the trigger!

The electric motor is powered by six AA batteries which fit in the front of the gun under the barrel. Remember, these drive the electric motor that powers the feed mechanism - they have nothing to do with how fast each BB goes. That's determined by CO2!

You can select three rates of fire
Another switch controls the rate of fire, which means how fast the shots go off. It only affects the rate when the other switch is set to either a three- or six-round burst. The three rates are 300 shots per minute, 450 and 600.

Select 300, 450 or 600 shots per minute!

It has a rifled barrel!
You can use regular steel BBs in the Drozd, but Gamo lead balls or Beeman Perfect Rounds will shoot harder and group much tighter. That's because they fit the barrel better, so no gas gets past them. I've shot 1" groups at 20 yards with a Drozd when shooting carefully aimed shots in the semi-automatic mode.

If you get the gun, don't forget these!
First, you're going to need lots of good BBs, and Crosman BBs are among the best. I recommend getting the 6,000-count container (the one pictured on the web page), because, at the rate you'll go through them with the Drozd, they will last longest. And, don't forget to buy some Crosman CO2 Powerlets. I recommend the package of 25. They'll provide a lot of shooting, and the price is a lot better than buying them in packs of five.

It's a great Christmas gift
The Drozd is the airgun for shooters who like action-packed fun. It's a little loud for shooting indoors, and it's also very powerful. Wherever you do shoot it, make certain your BB trap or backstop will really stop the BBs. This gun will cut through a half-inch of plywood board in pretty short order. The great thing is that Compasseco has them in stock (at least they did when this post was published) and for a great price! This is a gun that's selling for $225 and above everywhere else.

Act quick if you want one for Christmas. You'll be glad you did!


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    By Anonymous forex trade, at 3:34 PM, December 18, 2005  

  • Sorry, but the Drozd does not have any sort of electric motor in it. It fires by an electric solenoid striking a pin valve integral with the magazine. It can be hopped up easily to fire FULL AUTO at 1,200 rpm...and empty 30 rounds in about 1.5 seconds flat. No electric motor.

    By Blogger OPP, at 6:48 PM, March 17, 2006  

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