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Monday, December 05, 2005

Super Christmas sale!

by Tex Force

First let me help some of you who are new to this site. It's hard to find everything from the home page. But, there's a site map that has a hot link at the bottom of the home page. Using it, you can find just about everything Compasseco has to offer. And boy, do they have a lot to offer today! All you have to do is follow the links in this blog and I will show you the best airgun deals of the Christmas season!

I received an email of a special Compasseco Christmas sale. All of you probably haven't signed up to get this, so I want to pass along these great deals here.

Starting with the Crosman Nightstalker
I covered the new Nightstalker on October 31. This Nightstalker (second gun down on the page) is the only affordable semiautomatic air rifle in the world! Crosman will not allow any discounting of the Nightstalker, but still, the closest semiauto pellet gun costs over $400.

Walther CP99 compact
Here is the realistic version of the new Walther CP 99 pocket pistol that James Bond used in his latest movie. This one features realistic recoil like the firearm. The normal price is $75.95, but the Christmas sale price is a low $59.95. These are door-buster prices that you aren't going to find anywhere else!

Want a Walther Nighthawk?
Walther's most popular pistol this year has been the Nighthawk (second gun down on page), which is loaded with accessories to resemble a tricked-out tactical combat pistol. Compasseco has a super-special deal on remanufactured guns that include everything (gun, compensator, hard case, dot sight) except the tactical flashlight. They are only $99.95, according to the email! Now a remanufactured gun will look new, but it has been returned to the factory (Crosman, in this case) for some reason. After repair and testing, the gun is sold as reconditioned, but it works just as good as new. And you can save a bundle! The Nighthawk is in such demand that I am surprised there can be any savings, but here it is.

Celebrating 40 years of the Crosman 760
Many boys and girls started in airguns with a Crosman 760. This versatile pump rifle can shoot either steel BBs or lead pellets, by virtue of a specially rifled barrel. It's very easy to pump - and, as the owners already know, quite accurate. To celebrate 40 successful years and over 7 MILLION made, Crosman has produced this special commemorative 760 with real wood stock and special colors. They only made 1,500 of these, so if you keep yours in good condition, it will appreciate in value over the years (keep the box and everything that comes with the gun, too). Only $79.95!

For those who want the very best: a precharged adult rifle under $300!
Can't believe your eyes? Neither could I. The BSA Tech Star is an even more powerful version of the BSA Hornet. Compasseco had this rifle made especially for them. And they initially priced it at a very low $435, but for THIS SALE ONLY, they are dropping the price to just $299.95. The rifle develops 32 to 38 foot-pounds in .22 caliber and will take any small game suitable for airgun hunting. It has a BSA barrel, which is the recognized industry leader. Other big-name airgun makers use BSA barrels in rifles that cost two and three times what you will pay for this one.

The email says the sale is good until December 22. With holiday shipping being much slower, I would order today to ensure delivery on time. Remember - tell them you saw these things in the December 3rd Christmas sale email or in this blog!


  • Can't bring up the special price for the Night Stalker on the web site. Is ti still available?

    By Blogger airgundoc, at 12:31 PM, December 08, 2005  

  • Sir,

    I called Compasseco after seeing the same thing. You are right, the price has changed.

    On December 7 Crosman initiated a Minimum Acceptable Pricing (MAP) policy on the Nightstalker. Compasseco had to raise the price on that one item or Crosman would not sell tham any more Nightstalkers.

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Tex Force

    By Anonymous Tex Force, at 1:11 PM, December 08, 2005  

  • I was sorely tempted to buy it but because of other purchases at Christmas passed it up! :-( If I get another chance, I'll snap it up!

    By Blogger airgundoc, at 2:14 PM, December 08, 2005  

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