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Monday, June 19, 2006

Crosman 1077: The rapid-fire rifle for everyone!

by Tex Force

If you haven't tried a Crosman 1077 (third rifle down), you have a treat in store! Though the price is super-low, this air rifle packs a lot of value. It's powered by CO2, and in the standard form it uses conventional 12-gram Crosman powerlets. They provide the energy for pellet velocities up to 625 f.p.s.

12-shot repeater!
The 1077 comes in .177 caliber, only. Every rifle is a 12-shot repeater that houses a revolving clip inside the action. The trigger cocks and fires the gun as well as advancing the clip to the next pellet, so it's 12 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger.

A box magazine is removed from the bottom of the rifle, then the 12-shot circular clip comes out of that. Each gun comes with three clips, so you can pre-load them all and have 36 fast shots ready to go. It's possible to purchase extra box magazines as well, so you can have them ready to insert without doing anything else. Compasseco calls this the speedloader kit (second item down), and it comes with one box magazine and three spare circular clips.

It's accurate!
You don't expect to get accuracy for less than $70, but the 1077 is an exception. This rifle can keep them on a dime at 20 yards - if you can! While it comes with a great set of adjustable open sights (with fiberoptic inserts, even!), it really deserves an optical sight. The most appropriate sight for a 1077 is a red dot, and Compasseco's TF 90 or TF 96 (eighth and ninth down, respectively) is ideal! If you want to save a little more, try their TF 47 dot sight which is shown at the bottom of the same page. You can read a review of these fine sights in the Jan. 9, 2006 posting.

Shoot longer with AirSource
A few years ago, Crosman came out with a new 88-gram disposable CO2 tank they call AirSource (bottom of the page). Eighty-eight grams of gas gives you approximately 7.3 TIMES as many shots as you'll get with a 12-gram powerlet. Since the 1077 gets about 50 shots with a powerlet, let's be conservative and say you'll get around 350 shots (or more) with a single AirSource tank. Crosman now offers a 1077 set up to use the AirSource tank (second rifle down). It can also use powerlets after a simple owner conversion that takes less than a minute.

If you already own a 1077, there is a conversion kit (second item down) that lets you alter a standard 1077 to take the AirSource tanks. So, no one needs to miss out!

The 1077 is for the active shooter
If you're a shooter who likes to make targets dance around, the 1077 is for you. Twelve quick shots with pinpoint accuracy will make your shooting sessions both fast and fun.


  • Tex,
    I've thought of getting that rifle but never did. That was a good article though.

    I have a question and its about the new shadow sport by Gamo. My brother is ordering one and was wondering if the Shadow 1000 camo stock will fit it. Do you know if it will?


    By Blogger sav300, at 8:56 PM, June 19, 2006  

  • sav300,

    You should ask Gamo about that.


    By Anonymous Tex Force, at 5:22 AM, June 20, 2006  

  • Tex,

    is it possible to install an paintball tank on the rifle instead of this disposable tank? Which thread size does these AirSource have?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:01 AM, June 20, 2006  

  • Markus,

    Yes it is POSSIBLE to mount a paintball tank on a 1077. I own one set up that way.

    The AirSource is not threaded the same as a paintball tank. I don't have the thread pattern but it looks like a 5/8 standard thread.

    Instead of trying to adapt the paintball tank to the AS gun, which will cost a lot of time and money, it's MUCH easier to do what Crosman did in the 1990s - adapt the tank to the cap of a regular powerlet gun and run a hose.

    Of course the AirSorce tank already does the same thing and is MUCH simpler.


    By Anonymous Tex Force, at 12:23 PM, June 20, 2006  

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