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Monday, July 17, 2006

Daisy 499: the world's most accurate BB gun!

by Tex Force

In 1965, Daisy teamed up with the U.S. Jaycees to teach children to shoot. The program was centered around BB guns, but in the beginning there was no standard gun to use. Daisy promoted its model 99 Target Special that had been around since 1959, but it was a stop-gap measure. The gun did have good aperture sights, but the sling wasn't useful for target shooting and accuracy was mediocre.

In 1975, Daisy came out with the model 299, a 99-based gun with 1,000-shot gravity feed. It lasted only two years. Coaches who used the 299 and 99 have told me they would swap shot tubes to find one that shot better than the rest. Apparently, there's enough variation in bore diameter to make that kind of difference.

Enter the 499
In 1976, Daisy brought out a radical new model named the 499. It was a muzzle-loaded single-shot that had a precision smoothbore barrel to better handle BB shot. Although most places list BB shot as 0.175", it is actually smaller. That was one of the problems with the earlier BB guns, and it's also the reason you can't do well on targets with a Red Ryder. The overly large bores of most BB guns allow the 0.173" BBs to bounce around on their way down the barrel. The 499 has a bore just large enough to allow the BB to pass without excessive friction, and holding that tolerance is one reason the gun costs as much as it does.

Never meant for the public
Like a set of soapbox derby wheels, the Daisy 499 was not created for public consumption. It was designed specifically to support shooters competing in the International BB Gun Championship Match. Unlike other BB guns with dubious accuracy, the 499 will out-perform any shooter alive! It is exactly like an Olympic 10-meter rifle or pistol that can shoot better than humanly possible. The official range for BB gun competition is five meters, which is 16.4 feet. At that distance, the 499 will put every BB through the same hole if it is held right.

Special shot available
Like the barrel, the size of BB shot also needs to be closely controlled. Up to 10 years ago, regular BBs were not precise enough to deliver the full accuracy the 499 can achieve. Daisy produces special Precision Ground Shot just for this gun. For many years, they made only enough shot for competitors (they have in excess of a quarter million shooters annually!), but Daisy now sells the shot to anyone. Call Customer Service at (800) 643-3458.

Regular BBs work well, too
Today's BBs are made so well that they get great accuracy from the Avanti 499 Champion. Few shooters can hold the gun steady enough to notice a difference between common BBs and Precision Ground Shot.

If you're getting a 499, don't forget to buy the correct 5 meter targets, too. The bull is smaller than a dime, yet you will find it hard to miss the 10-ring with this special BB gun.

Should your child compete?
If you have a child between the ages of 10-14, maybe they would be interested in the competition. Contact Daisy to find out how you can enter your child in a sponsored youth program that leads to the International BB Gun Championships.

We often regret the things from the "good old days" that have passed from the scene. Well, the Daisy 499 is a rare exception to that. It's the world's most accurate BB gun, and it's available today. If you really want a shooting surprise, get one for yourself!


  • Tex,
    I had the pleasure to shoot one once and wow it is such a sweet bb gun! It is the most accurate of its type that i have ever shot. It is one accurate rifles and will continue to be.


    By Blogger sav300, at 1:15 PM, July 20, 2006  

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