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Monday, August 14, 2006

Marksman 2004 Deluxe Air Pistol

by Tex Force

Looking for a nice target pistol that won't break the bank? How about the Marksman 2004 target pistol? Back in February 2006, I gushed all over Daisy's 717 pistol. I told you it was a great informal target pistol, very accurate, quiet and the power was low enough for anyone's house. Well, the Marksman 2004 is another great target pistol that has Daisy's same great accuracy but at less than half the price!

Single-stroke pneumatic
Like the Daisy 717, the Marksman 2004 is a single-stroke pneumatic. That means the pumping lever, in this case the top of the gun, is pumped just one time and the pellet is fired with that stored air. A second pump stroke is impossible; the instant the pump lever swings open, all the air from the first stroke is lost. Single-strokes are not the guns to charge for long periods of time. So pump and cock it (the same effort does both) when you are ready to shoot.

The top of the pistol swings forward and back to pump the gun once.

Mostly synthetic
The pistol is chiefly synthetic but very well made. The use of synthetic allows the gun to be almost a pound lighter, at 1.7 lbs., than equivalent metal guns.

No recoil
This pistol sits dead-still in your hand when it's fired. Think of it as a CO2 pistol that never needs CO2! Only, most CO2 pistols have heavy triggers, and the Marksman 2004 has a nice light one with some creep in the second stage. An automatic safety pops on every time the gun is cocked, so it has to be released before you shoot.

Adjustable sights
The sights are adjustable, so you can set the gun up for either a target-type 6 o'clock hold or a sporting center hold - whichever you prefer. They are a target type square post and notch, so your sighting precision can be maximized in the 6 o'clock hold.

Hard to pump
The single drawback on this air pistol is that it's hard to pump. Where the Daisy 717 is extremely easy. This more powerful pistol is smaller, so there's less leverage, which means a much harder pump effort. It's an adult gun, make no mistake.

Pellets to use
You can easily shoot half-inch groups at 33 feet (10 meters) if you're a good enough shot. And, that's what a pistol like this is all about. It trains you to shoot better. Try Gamo Match pellets, Beeman H&N Match, Daisy Quicksilver wadcutters and RWS R10 Match pellets. These are all wadcutters, so they will cut perfect round holes in the target for easy scoring.

11mm dovetail for mounting optics
The pistol has a long 11 dovetail rail for mounting optics, but you have to think of how you will pump it, since the top of the gun is also the pump handle. Your optics have to be small to give you room to pump without pressing down on them. A Daisy Point Sight mounted as far forward as possible might be the best bet.

The Marksman 2004 is a lot of air pistol for the money. It's good-looking, accurate, and has a nice trigger for this price range. If you have wanted an adult target pistol with a great price, this is it!


  • Since this is an obvious copy of a Beeman P3 would you please compare the two in trigger quality , accuracy and manufacture?

    By Blogger D.B., at 8:57 PM, August 15, 2006  

  • D.B.,

    All identical. That may seem hard to believe, but it's true.

    In Europe, Weihrauch is repairing all of these guns under warranty.


    By Anonymous Tex Force, at 4:13 AM, August 16, 2006  

  • How can I get a .22 barrel. P3/Markswman 2004 It is a great airpistol.

    Ray Ck

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:40 PM, September 20, 2006  

  • Ray Ck,

    Since this airgun doesn't come in .22, you'll have to make your own barrel. A gunsmith should be able to do it for you.


    By Anonymous Tex Force, at 4:57 AM, September 21, 2006  

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