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Monday, October 30, 2006

AirForce Talon SS - Part 1

by Tex Force

AirForce Talon SS is a powerful precharged air rifle with more features than any other rifle. Shown here with optional scope and bipod.

With the holidays coming, many of you are thinking about that next big airgun. Perhaps, some have thought about getting into precharged guns. There has never been a better time, and one of the best rifles is made here in the U.S. I'm talking about the AirForce Talon SS.

The Talon SS has too many features for me to cover in a single blog, so this will just be the first part. When it was invented in 2001, there wasn't another air rifle like it. Although its looks have been copied, there still isn't another air rifle with its performance.

A lightweight classic!
The Talon SS weighs just 5.25 lbs., yet it is more powerful than most magnum spring-piston air rifles. It is made of aircraft aluminum and steel and has a distinctive tactical look. The air reservoir is also the butt, and it unscrews to make a portable rifle package under 28" long - even with a large scope! The rifle is finished in a beautiful matte black that doesn't reflect any light, which is one reason America's exterminators and the U.S. Department of Agriculture use it to eliminate pests. Another reason is adjustable power.

Adjustable power
A convenient thumbwheel on the left side of the receiver lets you adjust the power up for hunting or down for shooting targets, plinking or for those tight shots at pests inside buildings. Before the Talon SS came on the scene, very few air rifles had adjustable power, but now they almost have to in order to be competitive.

The power adjustment wheel makes it easy to change power. Dial it down for indoors or targets, up for hunting.

Before we look at the rifle some more, let's discuss the No. 1 reason that holds shooters back from precharged guns: concern about the technology. That's why every AirForce rifle comes with a one-hour DVD describing the entire operation and maintenance and tips, such as how to mount a scope and sight-in. It's more than the owner's manual set to video - it's an education in precharged operations. And, it comes free with every AirForce gun. No other airgun maker in the world offers a video about their gun! If you buy just the video (under $10), you can look the gun over to see if it's something you want to get into. It's a heck of a good way to shop for airguns.

All AirForce air rifles are designed as modules. What that means is that owners can make some changes and modifications to their guns without sending them anywhere. Take calibers, for instance. Let's say you bought a Talon SS in .22 caliber (the No. 1 seller), but now you'd also like to have a .177. All you have to do is buy an optional 12" .177 barrel for under $100 and put it in yourself. It takes about five minutes to change calibers this way. But, there's more! Let's say you want a more powerful rifle than the .22 SS. It produces 25 foot-pounds of muzzle energy, but what it you want 40 foot-pounds? All you have to do is install an optional 24-inch .22-caliber barrel (in just five minutes), and your rifle will produce up to 45 foot-pounds. Just by swapping barrels! Even that's not where the modularity payoff ends.

Micro Meter tank
This year, AirForce came out with the Micro Meter tank. It's identical to the standard tank that fits Talons and Talon SS guns and the Condor tank. It can be used on any of the the three models. What this tank does is make it possible to shoot with very controlled power at low velocity. It's perfect for shooting indoors and for eliminating tiny pests, such as birds inside buildings, where over-penetration can damage the building. For just the cost of a spare air tank, you get an entirely different air rifle. That's what AirForce has done with modularity!

We're just getting started with the features of the Talon SS, so come back next week and see the rest!


  • Hi Tex,

    I am thinking of buying one of the Air Force rifles. Do you have to replace the SS end cap when you switch from a .22 to a .177 barrel or it's the same end cap for all calibers and barrel lengths? Would a Condor get the same number of shots using the micro meter tank compared to the SS using the same power setting? I vaguely remember reading somewhere that their hammer weights are different.

    By Anonymous DaveON, at 4:15 AM, November 02, 2006  

  • davson,

    The SS end cap is the same for both calibers.

    I haven't tested either the SS or Condor until they are empty because they both get hundreds of shots from the MicroMeter tank. The Condor has no power adjustment because of the heavier hammer. I got 685-695 with .22 Premiers.

    The SS has some adjustability and the Talon turned out to be the best. I supposed the SS with an optional 24" barrel would be best of all.


    By Anonymous Tex Force, at 12:57 PM, November 02, 2006  

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