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Monday, November 06, 2006

AirForce Talon SS - Part 2

by Tex Force

We began our look at the Talon SS last week. We learned that this American-made air rifle is modular, has interchangable barrels (and calibers), air tanks and adjustable power. We also learned that it comes with a one-hour instructional video telling you how to set up the rifle, maintain it, scope it and of course fill it with air. But, that's not all this amazing air rifle has to offer. This week, we'll look at the rest.

Accessory mounting points
With other air rifles, every accessory is it's own challenge of mounting and using. The Talon SS turns that around. It has more accessory mounting points than any five other air rifles combined! Almost the entire top of the rifle and everything in front of the forearm is an 11mm dovetail that accepts standard airgun accessories. AirForce has more accessories in their lineup for this one rifle than any other airgun model I can think of. The scope is necessary, but if you like open sights, they also offer fiber optic sights with a huge range of adjustability. A bipod is the No. 1 accessory picked after a scope because it turns the rifle into such a stable shooting platform without adding a lot of weight.

After that, you can choose from quick-detachable sling swivel studs, a thumbhole accessory bar, spare tanks, MicroMeter tank, three different barrel lengths in two calibers, a trirail scope base that adds another 18" of accessory mounting space, two very high-quality scopes and on and on....In fact, AirForce is the only manufacturer with its own accessory section here on the Compasseco website. They have the accessories well taken care of.

Another good feature of all AirForce airguns is that whenever a new product becomes available, they try to make it fit existing guns. For instance, owners who bought a Talon four years ago can attach a MicroMeter tank today. Other airgun makers try to make their older guns obsolete after time, but this company is interested in the long haul, which is why they offer the original owner of the gun a limited lifetime warranty. Everything except wearout items (seals and O-rings) is covered.

The SS is the quiet precharged air rifle
One big detractor to precharged airguns is the noise. They are much louder than spring guns because they use more air. The Talon SS fixes that. It was designed with the barrel entirely enclosed inside the frame, so the energetic muzzle blast gets stripped away before exiting the end cap. The pellet carries up to 25 foot-pounds of energy, but the rifle sounds like a magnum spring rifle that only gets about 18! The design is completely legal, which is why thousands are sold every year all over the world. Exterminators love them because they make so little noise when used inside a structure.

Although they cost less than European air rifles, all AirForce air rifles have Lothar Walther barrels, a company well-known for making some of the finest airgun barrels in the business, and it shows every time you shoot one at distance. We talk a lot about shots at 50 yards. If you've never tried it, it's pretty far. Most low-priced .22 rimfires will only group about 1.5" with the best ammo at that range. AirForce doesn't publish accuracy claims, but it's fair to say that all of their rifles will group 1" or better at 50 yards on a calm day. I have gotten my share of groups smaller than that with my SS, but there's a little bit of luck involved with that. However, the more you shoot the luckier you'll be.

Well, that's the story on an amazing air rifle. Of course, the Talon and Condor models have many of the same attributes, but always remember that the SS is the quiet one!


  • Are there other calibers avaiable? Mayby as aftermarket parts; something like 9mm?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:04 AM, November 07, 2006  

  • Alex,

    One guy in Virginia sells an upgrade to shoot crossbow bolts. He gets 350 f.p.s. from a heavy bolt, which is pletly for whitetail deer. He also makes a .25 caliber barrel.

    His conversions run about $1,200, from what I've heard.

    I think the name of the company is Axiom.


    By Anonymous Tex Force, at 4:00 AM, November 07, 2006  

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